About Boutik Suisse

Our history

Boutik Suisse was born in 1976. It was THE place to find skiwear and equipment during the winter and windsurfing stuff during the summer.Time is changing, you won't find anything to windsurfing but for skiing, don't miss to visit us, you'll have a "coup de coeur" not only for skiing but also we can offer you fashion prêt-à-porter, shoes and accesories.

Our philosophy

The shop of street has this young something charming of his own.Our philosophy is to advise our clientele so that their duty of shopping becomes a pleasant experience!Our know-how as well as our knowledge allow us to manage them towards products adapted in them needs!But also and especially, we make it a duty to offer new, different and quality products!!!

"Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress"


Coco Chanel

Our team

The shopping experience and customer service rests on the shoulders of a qualified, generous and in the avant-garde team.We're very fortunate to count them among us of numerous years.Their smile, dynamism as well as their interest prove their passion!

Work at Boutik Suisse

Come inside the family of Boutik Suisse! Climate is courteous, respectful and cheerful. We have great customers.
Our products are the best on the market!

You want to join us, feel free to send us your CV
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